This artwork is inspired by the Xie He art theory “Six principles of Chinese painting”, which dates back to the 5th century. The first principle is Spirit resonance, the vitality (or nervous energy) which is transferred from the artist into the work.


Jewellery as Fashion

For some pieces it takes just a single stroke of an ink brush to make it perfect. While it has its own character that helps you to unlock your inner artist and wear it your own way. Our inspiration comes from elegant ink-drawing and the shining poetry of Asian artists, which takes its roots from the time when the most sensational art theory was created.

Polina Medvedeva Ink Artwork

Here you can find paintings by Polina Medvedeva who designed all the collections for Velar Jewellery.

Jewellery as Sculpture

You can invest in beautiful pieces of art, crafted in gold with unique gems; some are spinels, diamonds, tanzanites and others. All the pieces by the artist Polina Medvedeva are limited edition. For more information please e-mail to


“Bamboo is a symbol of flexibility and pine is for longevity and endurance.”

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